West Dunes Trading Inc.

Working our way up

The company’s YT-1300f in Docking Bay 13, Mos Espa

Daiyan and Cyat met a wookiee named Ajumaxi who works for Rodr. Rodr and his company named “Biogenesis” were kind enough to send him to work on their broken-down YT-1300f. The wookiee asserted it will take about 3 days to make the ship operational. Until then, the wookiee is staying where Rodr set up his corporate headquarter on Tatooine.

Although the presence of the wookiee was a great boost to the party, we nevertheless needed a pilot and a mechanic who could support the ship full-time. Maybe this was our lucky day, one trandoshan and a guy disguised in a Tusken outfit showed up at the cantina looking for jobs we required. Although it was a bit discomforting that they emphasized the word “unskilled” when they were describing their proficiency in required skills, we’ll see how things turn out between us.


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